Monday, 15 November 2010

Hallway Projects
At the Arthouse, Lewisham

Untitled_Gazing001 Anomaly Series

26 November 6-9pm
27 November 12-6pm

Jones often explains how strange it was that as a child he was often told
to stop gazing into space or out the window, those ‘grounded’ voices soughtto drag him back to the real world. The action of looking intently at things
is usually dismissed as fanciful daydreaming; he still stares into space butnow documents what he sees.

For this exhibition Jones proposes to document the space and produce afilm using sophisticated software in a slightly unorthodox manner. This film
will be projected back into the space to create, as he says ‘a displaced fractureof the real’.
Jones’ work stems from questions of memory and imagination. Though theviewer may find a myriad of materials and media being used his goal is to
balance the believable, observable world with the unbelievable, the unseen,the unhelmlich.

Hallway projects are a series of proposals responding to the uniquecharacter of the old Deptford Library.
Part of Deptford Last
Lewisham Arthouse
140 Lewisham WaySE14 6PD 020 8244 3168
E: lewishamarthouse@btconnect.comHallway Projects
At the Arthouse, Lewisham

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